(a)  Sick Leave.
      (1)   For permanent full-time employees of the City, sick leave shall be earned at the rate of one day per month up to a maximum of ten days in a calendar year. An employee must work one day in a calendar year to accumulate benefits for that year.    Sick leave records shall be maintained by the Mayor's office for all employees for inclusion in personnel records.  More than ten days sick leave cannot be accumulated.  However, sick leave accumulated pursuant to City policy prior to the effective date of this paragraph (Ordinance 555, passed January 11, 1988) shall not be lost.    Up to an additional thirty days of sick leave may be granted to permanent full-time employees by action of Council in cases of major illness or injury.  There will be no compensation for accumulated sick leave upon an employee's resignation or termination.  Abuse of sick leave shall be reason for dismissal of an employee or officer.  Sick leave shall be granted for the following reasons:
         A.   Personal illness or physical incapacity resulting from causes beyond the control of the employee;
         B.   Enforced quarantine of the employee, in accordance with health regulations; or
         C.   Personal care requiring the services of a legally qualified medical doctor, dentist or optometrist or other professional services of this nature.   
(Ord. 555.  Passed 1-11-88.)
      (2)   A permanent part-time employee or temporary employee shall not be compensated for or accumulate sick leave.
(Ord. 459.  Passed 3-3-80.)
      (3)   An employee taking sick leave shall inform his or her immediate supervisor at least two hours prior to the normal starting time for his or her position in accordance with the regulations of his or her department.  Failure to do so may be cause for denial of sick leave with pay during such absence.  Unless an employee must leave work because of illness, a sick day must be taken as a whole day.    Sick days must be approved by the Mayor's office and must be documented to the extent deemed necessary by the Mayor.
(Ord. 555.  Passed 1-11-88.)
      (4)   While on sick leave, an employee shall receive his or her regular rate of pay.  An employee injured on the job and receiving Worker's Compensation benefits shall not take or be required to use sick days accumulated.  An employee receiving Worker's Compensation benefits shall not be paid any other compensation by the City, except where provided by State statute.   
(Ord. 506.  Passed 9-17-84.)
      (5)   Sick leave with pay for two or more consecutive working days for reasons of personal illness or physical incapacity shall be granted only after the presentation of a written statement by a licensed medical doctor or other satisfactory evidence certifying that the employee's condition prevented him or her from performing the duties of his or her position and that the employee is physically capable of returning to work.
      (6)   Employees absent from work for more than six months because of illness or a non-work related injury are entitled to have their medical insurance premiums, currently paid for by the City, to be paid by the City for six months.  After such six-month period the City will terminate payment of insurance premiums until the employee returns to work.  If an employee desires to keep the medical insurance in force during the interim period, he or she may elect to pay the premiums and keep such medical insurance in effect.
      (7)   Maternity leave shall be treated as ordinary sick leave, except that an employee may request maternity leave for a period from eight weeks before the childbirth and not more than twelve weeks after such birth.  An employee on maternity leave must first use all sick days and personal days before a leave of absence will be granted. If an employee is required by a doctor to cease work sooner than eight weeks prior to childbirth or more than twelve weeks after childbirth, then a doctor's statement must be presented to the department head and Council for a review for further extension of a leave of absence.   
(Ord. 533.    Passed 5-5-86.)
   (b)   Personal Leave.  Each permanent full-time employee shall be granted two personal leave days per calendar year.  Personal leave days shall not be accumulated.
(Ord. 459. Passed 3-3-80.)
   (c)   Bereavement Davs. Each permanent full-time employee shall be granted up to three days off with pay because of a death in the immediate family, i.e. the mother, father, spouse, brother, sister, child or grandparent of the employee
(Ord. 638. Passed 3-14-94.)
   (d)   Vacation Leave.
      (1)   The vacation period shall be from the anniversary date of employment from year to year and all vacations shall be taken in the year in which they are earned. Any regular vacation days selected shall be requested at least fourteen days in advance and approved by the Mayor before such vacation days can be taken, except in unusual circumstances.
      (2)   Vacation days shall be granted to permanent full-time employees as follows:
         A.   After one year of service, one week shall be granted. After two years of service, two weeks shall be grantea The appropriate vacation credit shall accrue on January 1 of each calendar year thereafter.
         B.   After six years of service, in addition to regular vacation, all permanent employees shall be granted one additional vacation day for each full year of service, up to ten additional vacation days at the completion of sixteen years of service.
      (3)   All vacation days that are earned in a calendar year must be taken or lost. Employees shall not be entitled to be compensated for vacation days not taken in a calendar year.
(Ord. 555. Passed 1-11-88.)
      (4)   An employee leaving the service of the City in good standing shall be paid for any unused vacation leave accrued that year, in accordance with the provisions of this section.
      (5)   All permanent full-time employees who are employed by the City on the effective date of this chapter (Ordinance 459, passed March 3, 1980) shall be considered to have earned vacation leave, in accordance with this subsection from the date of employment.
(Ord. 459. Passed 3-3-80.)
   (e)   Holidays.
      (1)   The following days are hereby designated as paid holidays for all permanent full-time employees:
         New Year's Day
         Washington's Birthday
         Friday before Easter
         Memorial Day
         Independence Day
         Labor Day
         Veterans' Day
         Thanksgiving Day and the day after
         Christmas Eve
         Christmas Day
(Ord. 607. Passed 11-18-91; Ord. 682. Passed 1-13-97.)
      (2)   If Christmas or New Year's Day falls on a Saturday, then the Friday immediately preceding shall be a holiday, and if Christmas or New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, then the Monday immediately following shall be a holiday.
      (3)   An employee who is required to work on a holiday will be paid for the regular shift plus pay for the holiday or the employee may elect to take a day on work at a later time, as compensation for working a holiday, which choice is subject to the approval of the appropriate department head.
      (4)   Personnel must work the day before and the day after a holiday to receive holiday pay.
(Ord. 459. Passed 3-3-80.)
   (f)   Leaves of Absence. Leave of absence without pay may be granted for a period not to exceed six months when the granting of such leave is in the mutual interests of the City and the employee. Such leave shall require the approval of the department head and the Mayor.
(Ord. 533. Passed 5-5-86.)
   (g)   Records. The Mayor's office shall be in charge of record keeping concerning all sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, bereavement days, holidays and leaves of absence received by employees.
(Ord. 555, Passed 1-11-88.)