The purpose of the (OS) Open Space/Resource Conservation designation is to preserve lands as open space and to promote resource conservation. Lands so designated shall be limited to exclusive use as trail and path systems and other strictly prescribed recreational uses and for the preservation of historical sites, historic agricultural uses and natural plant and animal habitats.
The (OS) Open Space/Resource Conservation Designation may be applied where the Town wishes to strictly limit the uses of the land for the preservation of open space and resource conservation.
Permitted uses in the OS zone shall be limited strictly to open space uses such as public parks and play areas, trails and paths for non-motorized use, and other recreational or commercial uses which do not adversely impact the preservation of open space and resource conservation, such as:
1.   Agriculture, cultivation and ranching.
2.   Historical sites.
3.   Public parks and play areas.
4.   Horse trails, bike paths, walking trails and other similar non-motorized recreational trails or paths.
No structures, either permanent or temporary, shall be permitted except for accessory buildings that relate directly to the designated open space/resource conservation use (such as restrooms, ramadas, historical buildings). Such accessory buildings are permitted only subject to plan review by Commission and approval by Council.
Because no list of uses can be complete, the interpretation of whether a use not specified is consistent with the intent of this zoning district and may be allowed as a conditional use or, where discretion is allowed, a permitted use shall be rendered by the Zoning Administrator with appeal to the Board of Adjustment.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 10-729, passed 7-22-2010)