Any person who violates any section of this Ordinance is subject to a civil sanction or penalty and shall be punished by imposition of a civil sanction not to exceed a base of five hundred dollars ($500.00) plus all applicable surcharges and fees, unless another penalty is specified.
Each day a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense/violation.
Any person who commits a violation of any section of this Ordinance generally punishable as a civil infraction, having previously been found responsible for committing two (2) or more civil infractions of this Ordinance within any thirty-six (36) month period, whether by admission, by payment of the fine, by default, or by judgment after hearing, shall be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor punishable as set forth in A. R. S. §§ 13-707, 13-802, and 13-902.
A bond schedule/civil penalty schedule may be recommended from time to time by the Zoning Administrator and may be adopted by the Town Council in such amounts and form as it determines.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 07-683, passed 1-11-2007; Ord. 07-694, passed 9-13-2007)