The Municipal Court shall find the Defendant responsible, not responsible or may dismiss the civil citation. If the Defendant is found responsible, the order shall include:
A.   The amount of any civil penalty imposed;
B.   The date by when the Defendant shall correct the violation (if applicable), which date shall not be less than thirty (30) days after the order and, the Court, in its discretion, may reduce/suspend all or part of the civil penalty upon timely proof of correction of the violation, which shall include an inspection letter/report from a person responsible for Code enforcement for the Town;
C.   Notice that if the Defendant does not pay the civil penalty or correct the violation within the time ordered, the Town may take any lawful action to collect the civil penalty, including representatives for the Town taking action to impose a lien on the Defendant's land; and
D.   Notice that if the Defendant fails to correct the violation within the time period ordered by the Court, the Defendant may be cited for the same violation again after the corrective period has expired.
A party aggrieved by the Municipal Court's decision with regards to any civil penalty may appeal to Superior Court pursuant to A.R.S. § 12-124. An appeal shall be taken within time set forth in the Rules of Procedure for Civil Traffic Cases.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 07-683, passed 1-11-2007)