A.   Procedure. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, the Rules of Procedure in Civil Traffic Cases shall apply to civil citations, subject to violations hereunder being titled as Civil UDO violations, including said title being deemed substituted where appropriate in said rules and forms.
B.   The civil citation shall include the following to the extent applicable:
1.   State the date of the violation or, if the date of the violation is unknown, then the date the violation was identified;
2.   State the address or a definite description of where the violation occurred;
3.   Notify the Defendant with a written description or Ordinance designation of the violation;
4.   State the action required to correct the violation, if applicable;
5.   Show the name and signature of the enforcement officer;
6.   List the phone number of the Chino Valley Municipal Court to contact for questions concerning the hearing process;
7.   Direct the Defendant to correct the violation to the satisfaction of the Zoning Administrator/Designee and/or to appear in Chino Valley Municipal Court, at the time and date specified in the citation;
8.   Notify the Defendant that if the Defendant fails to correct the violation to the satisfaction of the Zoning Administrator/Designee or appear on the date specified in the citation, the Municipal Court shall issue a written decision of default against the Defendant, enforce prior orders and sanctions against Defendant and/or impose a civil penalty as set forth in this Ordinance;
9.   The Defendant shall provide all information as required in accordance to the Office of Court Administrator's policies and procedures;
10.   If applicable and available, the signature of the cited Defendant reflecting that party's receipt of a copy of the citation.
C.   Record of Citations. All citations shall bear sequential “serial number and/or codes” (including letters as a citation issuing department may determine to include) to provide for tracking the citation. The issuing department shall maintain a record of civil citations issued for a period of not to exceed three (3) years unless a longer period is required by law.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 07-683, passed 1-11-2007)