A.   A single PAD overlay district may overlay one or more underlying zoning districts.
B.   Use and development of land within a PAD overlay district shall conform to and comply with the underlying zoning district(s) regulations and other requirements set forth in the Unified Development Ordinance, except as modified by the PAD Zoning Ordinance.
C.   A PAD overlay district may allow for onsite density transfer within a residential development, permitting the density regulations of the underlying zoning districts to be applied to the total area of the PAD overlay district rather than separately to individual lots or underlying zoning districts.
D.   Applications for changes in the underlying zoning district(s) may be submitted and processed concurrently with an application requesting approval of a Planned Area Development overlay district.
E.   The minimum area for a pad overlay district shall be two (2) acres.
F.   Pad overlay district modifications to uses permitted in the underlying zoning district(s) shall be reasonably compatible with and not averse to the uses permitted in the underlying zoning district(s).
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 10-742, passed 11-9-2010; Ord. 14-786, passed 7-22-14)