The purposes of the Planned Area Development overlay district (“PAD OVERLAY DISTRICT”) are:
A.   Provide for the orderly development of land consistent with the Unified Development Ordinance of the Town of Chino Valley to permit flexibility in the design of residential, commercial and/or industrial developments in conformity with the intent and purpose of the General Plan and Unified Development Ordinance.
B.   Modify underlying zoning district regulations to permit flexibility and innovation in developmental design and provide opportunities for unique or mixed-use development.
C.   Promote economical construction and maintenance of streets and utilities without compromising public safety and welfare.
D.   Preserve and utilize open space and offer recreational opportunities close to residential use.
E.   Encourage the preservation of community character and stabilization of surrounding neighborhoods.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 10-742, passed 11-9-2010; Ord. 14-786, passed 7-22-14)