A.   Subdivision approval shall be required to divide improved or unimproved land for the purpose of financing, sale or lease, whether immediate or future, into:
1.   Four (4) or more lots, tracts or parcels or land; or
2.   Two (2) or more lots, tracts or parcels or land, if a new street is involved; or
3.   Two (2) or more lots, tracts or parcels of land, if the boundaries of said land have been fixed by a recorded plat.
B.   Subdivision Approval shall also be required for any condominium, cooperative, community apartment, townhouse or similar project containing four (4) or more parcels, in which an undivided interest in the land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any unit located thereon, but plat of such projects need not show the buildings or the manner in which the buildings or airspace above the property shown on the plat are to be divided.
C.   Within a subdivision, tracts of land must be designated with letters, lots must be designated with numbers and streets or roads must be named.
(Ord. 2020-885, passed 9-8-2020; Ord. 2022-923, passed 10-11-2022)