A.   Permit Required. Except as provided herein, it shall be unlawful for any person to construct, install, attach, place, paint, alter, relocate, or otherwise maintain any non-exempt sign in the Town without first obtaining a sign permit in conformance with this Sign Code.
B.   Conflicts with other requirements. If provisions of this Sign Code are conflict with any other Town Code or Ordinance, the more restrictive requirement(s) shall apply. Signs maintained contrary to the provisions of this Sign Code are declared to be nuisances and may be abated as provided by law.
C.   Fees. Sign permit fees shall be as adopted by the Council by resolution.
D.   Sign Permit Application. No sign permit application shall be accepted if not submitted with full payment of all fees required. Application for a sign permit shall be made to the Development Services Department on forms provided by the Town and shall include at a minimum the following information:
1.   Yavapai County Assessor's parcel number identifying the property where the sign will be located;
2.   Street address, if any, legal description of the property, and dimensions thereof. If the parcel is not within a recorded subdivision, a metes and bounds legal description shall be submitted with the application;
3.   Name, address and telephone number of the property owner and agent, if any;
4.   Signature of applicant or agent;
5.   Inventory of all existing signs on the property showing the type, dimensions, and location of each sign;
6.   Fully dimensioned plans and elevations showing the dimensions, placement of copy, and location of each proposed sign in relation to the property line(s) and public right(s)-of-way;
7.   Plans indicating the scope and structural detail of the work to be done, including all connections, supports, footings, and materials to be used;
8.   Type, placement, and strength of illumination, if any and required information for an electrical permit for signage illumination;
9.   Such other information as the Zoning Administrator may require for the purpose of determining whether the application complies with the Sign Code requirements;
E.   Sign Permit Review; Timeframes.
1.   Within ten business days of submission of an application for a sign permit, staff shall review the application for completeness. If the application is not complete, the applicant will be notified of the deficiency via email, telephone, or first class mail.
2.   Within thirty business days of receipt of a complete application, Town staff shall review the application for compliance with the regulations set forth in this Code and in the Town Code, as applicable, and shall issue the permit or notify the applicant of deficiencies and the need for corrections.
F.   Temporary Sign Permits. Signs with a limited duration of use, such as those provided in Section 4.21.6 shall obtain a temporary sign permit. The requirements and criteria for such signs are as follows:
1.   Temporary sign permits shall be issued for no more than six months. The temporary sign shall be removed as soon as the business’ permanent sign is installed or six months, whichever occurs first.
2.   The temporary sign permit shall not be renewable.
3.   Temporary signs shall conform to all other requirements of this Code.
4.   Special event (promotional) signs and auxiliary signs do not require temporary sign permits.
G.   Exempt Signs. The following types of signs are exempt from the permitting requirements but shall comply with all other requirements and standards set forth in this Sign Code. No business shall have more than two (2) exempt signs and no more than two (2) exempt signs may be located on any residential lot, except as provided in the following table:
Number Permitted
Maximum Area and Height
Number Permitted
Maximum Area and Height
Official notices authorized by a court, public body or public safety official
No limit
Government Signs 
Wall or ground-mounted standard
No limit
No limit
No limit
Temporary non-commercial directional signage
Three (3)
12 square feet total
Temporary use permit signage (see Section 3.15(D)(2)(f))
Banner, pennant, flags
Ten (10)
200 square feet maximum
Sign for temporary event held by non-profit charitable organization (as designated under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) with a permanent location inside Town’s incorporated limits
Banner, pennant, flags
Two (2)
48 square feet maximum
Signs located within structures in Commercial zoning districts
Window Signs
No limit
Signs on residentially zoned property
Wall, window, or ground-mounted
Signs required to be relocated by the Town or other governmental agency
H.   Special event (promotional) signs and auxiliary signs shall be subject to the following:
1.   No special event (promotional) or auxiliary signage shall be allowed for any business until such time as the business obtains and installs, at a minimum, a wall-mounted permanent sign.
2.   An aggregate of up to two (2) special event (promotional) signs or auxiliary signs are permitted in addition to the permanent signs allowed for a business. The number and size of the special event (promotional) signs or auxiliary signs are determined by the zoning of the property as shown in the table in section 4.21.6, Temporary Signs and Auxiliary Signs. If the business wants to display a new special event (promotional) sign or auxiliary sign, then one or more of the existing signs on display must be taken down to ensure the total square footage requirements are maintained.
3.   Special event signs, auxiliary signs, and A-frames may be displayed year-round, so long as the signs remain in good repair.
(Ord. 17-819, passed 3-14-2017; Ord. 2020-878, passed 1-28-2020)