A.   Purpose. Site plan review is intended to provide the Town and applicants an opportunity to review new development projects to ensure compliance with adopted codes and ordinances and to harmonize new development with existing structures.
B.   When required. Site plan review is required for all new construction, exterior site and structure alterations, signs and subdivision plats prior to issuance of a building permit, including Town facilities, with the following exceptions:
1.   Accessory structures within single family zoning districts;
2.   Single family residences on separate lots within an approved and platted subdivision;
3.   Minor exterior site and structure alterations that do not materially affect the design concept or function of the site or structure;
4.   Repairs that do not alter exterior design of a structure;
5.   Approved temporary construction offices;
6.   Changes to the face of an existing approved sign.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 15-798, passed 6-23-2015)