A.   Lot width, depth, and area shall comply with the minimum development standards of the applicable zoning district.
B.   Lots having double frontage should be avoided except where necessary to provide separation of the residential development from traffic collectors and arterials.
C.   Corner lots should be a minimum of ten (10) feet wider than the interior lots within the same block.
D.   The depth to width ratio of useable area shall be no greater than three (3) to one (1).
E.   Grouping of wider side yards of no less than thirty (30) feet in combined width shall be encouraged to convey openness and privacy as well as create useable storage area.
F.   Where gross densities of four (4) units to the acre or greater are provided, front yard setback lines should be staggered within a ten (10)-foot range to create a diversified streetscape. No front yard should be less than twenty (20) feet in depth, measured from the property line to the closest point of the structure.
G.   Where a two (2)-story single-family dwelling is provided, the rear yard setback should be a minimum of thirty (30) feet.
(Ord. 2020-885, passed 9-8-2020)