A.   The arrangement, character, extent, width, grade, and location of all streets should conform to the Town's General Plan Circulation/Transportation Element and Transportation Plan and should ensure public safety and convenience, and respond to existing natural features of terrain, vegetation, and drainage.
B.   Street layout shall provide for the continuation of existing principal streets through new subdivisions. Principal streets shall typically follow section or mid-section lines, however, if the alignment is impractical then principal street right-of-way should be provided at least every three thousand (3,000) feet.
C.   Proposed streets shall be arranged to provide future connection with adjoining unplatted lands.
1.   Street connections to an adjoining platted tract shall be made only to those extended streets of the platted tract.
2.   Street connections shall be designed to accommodate the amount of increased traffic flow generated by the proposed subdivision, as determined by an engineered traffic study or as approved by the Public Works Department.
D.   Local streets shall be so arranged as to discourage their use by through traffic. If topography allows and suitable alternate locations are available, the subdivider shall provide at least two (2) points of access for ingress/egress into the subdivision.
E.   The maximum length of cul-de-sac streets shall be one thousand, five hundred (1,500) feet measured from the intersection of the right-of-way lines to the extreme depth of the turning circle along the street centerline. Regardless of length, no cul-de-sac shall provide access to more than twenty-five (25) single family residences.
F.   Where a proposed subdivision abuts or contains an existing or proposed arterial and collector routes, sufficient right-of-way may be required for access, frontage streets, and/or turning movements or for reverse frontage combined with a one (1) foot non-vehicular access easement abutting the major route; or for such other treatment as may be justified for protection of residential properties from traffic hazards occurring on the major route.
G.   Where a subdivision abuts or contains the right-of-way of a limited access highway or an irrigation canal or abuts a commercial or industrial land use, the Zoning Administrator or his/her designee may recommend location of a street approximately parallel to and on each side of such right-of-way at a distance suitable for appropriate use of the intervening land. Such distance shall be determined with due regard for approach grades, drainage, bridges or future grade separations.
H.   Streets shall be so arranged in relation to existing topography as to produce desirable lots of maximum utility and streets of reasonable gradient and to facilitate adequate drainage.
I.   No alleys may be constructed in residential, commercial, and industrial subdivisions, except that the Zoning Administrator or his/her designee may waive the requirements in certain areas because of topography, open space provided or service access.
J.   Half streets shall be discouraged, but may be permissible where necessary to provide right-of-way required by the Town's General Plan and Transportation Plan, to complete a street pattern already begun or to assure reasonable development of a number of adjoining parcels. The minimum paved street width of a half street is twenty (20) feet. Where there exists a platted half street abutting the tract to be subdivided, the remaining half shall be platted within the tract. In lieu of the actual construction of a half street, the subdivider may provide the Town a cash payment for the probable cost of the half street. The amount of the cash payment shall be determined by a registered civil engineer and must be approved by the Public Works Director. Such funds will be held on deposit by the Town until such time as the Town proceeds to improve the full width of the street.
K.   A minimum of two (2) permanent reference survey monuments shall be required for a street as a recoverable point for future surveys.
(Ord. 2020-885, passed 9-8-2020)