(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006)
A.   In General: Every land division shall conform to the goals and objectives of the General Plan, Unified Development Ordinance, and other ordinances adopted by Council and laws of the State of Arizona that specifically relate to subdivisions and the development of land.
B.   Owner/Agent Authorization: Applications shall only be submitted by property owners or their authorized representatives. The Zoning Administrator may require proof of ownership/agency prior to accepting an application.
C.   Zoning Standards: Proposed subdivisions must be designed to meet the specific requirements of the zoning district in which they are located. In the event that a change in zoning is required to enable the development to be built as proposed, any necessary zoning amendment must be initiated by the property owner (or authorized agent) in accordance with the procedures for processing applications for changes in zoning set forth in the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance. No subdivision plat for which a zone change is required may be considered by the Council until the required zone change has been adopted by the Council. The applications for both the requested zoning amendment and the preliminary plat may be filed concurrently.
D.   Dedication or Reservation of Public Land: Where a tract to be subdivided contains all or any part of a planned park, recreation facility, school, open space, water facility, wastewater facility, public safety facility, flood control facility or other area shown on the General Plan as a public area, or required by Council as a public area, such site shall be dedicated to the Town of appropriate public entity or reserved for acquisition by the Town or appropriate public entity within a specified time period. The applicant and the Town or appropriate public agency shall reach an agreement regarding dedication or acquisition of the property for such purpose prior to consideration of final plat by the Council. If a parcel of property is to be reserved rather than dedicated, the Town may require the Subdivider to designate the reserved area on the final plat subject to the following conditions:
1.   The land reserved shall be in the size and shape as to permit the remainder of the land area in which the reservation is located to develop in an orderly and efficient manner.
2.   The public entity for whose benefit an area has been reserved shall have a period of one year after the recording of the final subdivision plat to enter into an agreement to acquire such reserved land area. The purchase price shall be the fair market value thereof at the time of the filing of the preliminary plat plus the taxes against such reserved area from the date of the reservation, and any other costs incurred by the subdivider in the maintenance of such reserved area, including interest costs incurred on any loan covering such reserved area.
3.   If the public entity for whose benefit an area has been reserved does not exercise the reservation agreement set forth in paragraph 5.2.1(D)(3) above, within the agreed upon period of time, the reservation of such area shall terminate unless a mutually agreeable time extension is executed between the entity and the subdivider.
E.   Outline of the Review Process: The preparation, review and approval of subdivisions within the Town Limits shall proceed through the following progressive stages:
1.   Pre-Application Conference with Town staff;
2.   Preliminary plat submittal: The preliminary plat will be reviewed by Town staff to ensure it is complete and consistent with these Subdivision Regulations; the complete preliminary plat submittal is then considered by Planning and Zoning Commission and Council;
3.   Subdivision Technical Review - considered and reviewed by Town Staff and pertinent outside public service and utility agencies;
3.   Final plat submittal - Includes review by the Town staff to ensure the Final Plat meets the requirements of these Subdivision Regulations and Subdivision Technical Review by Town staff and pertinent outside public service and utility agencies, all prior to consideration of the Final Plat by the Council.