The intent of these regulations is to provide procedures consistent with State Law that promote the health, safety and general welfare for all citizens of the Town by allowing for orderly growth and harmonious development of the Town in a manner that:
A.   Implements the General Plan, any applicable specific plans, the zoning ordinance, design requirements, and all other codes and ordinances of the Town.
B.   Ensures that future development will preserve and enhance the Town's natural scenic attributes.
C.   Ensures that all new development will maintain and encourage a pleasing environment and be in harmony with the special character and historic quality of the Town.
D.   Establishes and maintains safe and effective vehicular and non-vehicular circulation through coordinated street, transit, bicycle and pedestrian systems with relation to major thoroughfares, adjoining subdivisions, and public facilities.
E.   Ensures the adequate provisions to all property for water, sewer and other utilities, drainage and stormwater retention, and other health and safety requirements.
F.   Ensures the provision for adequate sites for schools, recreation and open space, and other public facilities.
G.   Promotes the conveyance of land by accurate legal description.
These Subdivision Regulations accommodate growth by considering the need for services generated by new lots together with public ability to provide and/or private willingness to contribute to the costs of these services.
(Ord. 2020-885, passed 9-8-2020)