1. Landscape Plan Required, Unless Modified by the Zoning Administrator
A landscape plan showing the following information shall be submitted with the Site Plan at the time of application for building permit and/or with a subdivision plat where applicable:
a.   Designer name and address
b.   North arrow, scale, date of preparation and revisions;
c.   Name of project and address
d.   Vicinity map
e.   Sheet numbers
f.   Location of all proposed and existing buildings, structures and pavement;
g.   Location and dimensions of all property lines;
h.   Location of all existing or proposed water features and drainage facilities;
i.   Location of the one-hundred (100)-year floodplain on the site, if applicable;
j.   Location, size and common name of any existing trees or shrubs to remain on site;
k.   Location of all landscaping proposed for the site (drawn at one-half (½) of mature size) including trees, shrubs, ground cover, ornamental grasses or flowerbeds;
l.   Location of all existing or proposed signs, walls, fences, earthen berms (drawn at one (1)-foot contour interval), site furniture, lights, fountains, and/or sculptures on the site;
m.   Sight visibility triangles as described in Section 4.7;
n.   Location of all existing or proposed sidewalks, bike trails, pedestrian paths, etc. on the site;
o.   Plant list for all existing or proposed trees or shrubs on the site, including:
i.   Symbol
ii.   Botanical Name
iii.   Common Name
iv.    Quantity
v.    Installation Size
vi.    Height/Width at Maturity
p.   Location of all existing or proposed curb lines and curb cuts for streets, alleys, parking lots and parking lot islands;
q.   Any additional information as determined by the Zoning Administrator to be necessary for approval of the proposed plan.
r.   Proposed inert ground cover/dust control
2.   Installation of Materials
A landscape plan must be approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to the installation of required landscaping.
3.   Certificate of Occupancy
All landscaping must be installed and inspected prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
4.   Performance Standards
All landscaping shall be required to perform in accordance with the following provisions:
a.   Safety
i.   Landscaping shall not hinder the vision of motorists and pedestrians necessary for safe movement into, out of, and within the site. All landscaping materials shall comply with all sight visibility triangle requirements as described in Section 4.7.
ii.   Landscaping materials shall be selected and placed in such a manner that they do not interfere with or damage existing or proposed utilities or drainage facilities.
iii.   Landscaping materials shall be selected and placed so that the safe and enjoyable use of surrounding properties is not inhibited.
iv.   Landscaping materials shall be selected and placed with sensitivity toward the ultimate size that will be achieved over time.
v.   Landscaping with thorns, berries and other harmful plant characteristics shall be carefully placed and pruned to avoid potential harm to people or property on and off-site.
vi.   Weak-wooded trees shall only be used where limb breakage will not cause harm to property, utility lines, or life.
b.   Maintenance
i.   The owner of the premises shall be responsible for the watering, maintenance, repair and replacement of all landscaping, irrigation systems, fences and walls, and other visual barriers including refuse disposal area screens which have died (in the case of plant material) or fallen into disrepair (in the case of fences or walls).
ii.   All required plant materials shall be maintained in a healthy, vigorous growing condition, and neat and orderly appearance. They shall be replaced as necessary, or as directed by the Zoning Administrator, and shall be kept free of refuse and debris.
iii.   All fences, walls and other barriers shall be maintained in good repair, meaning structurally sound and attractive in appearance. All fences, required or otherwise, shall have the finished face directed toward lower intensity zoned property, where a single-family residential property is located adjacent to or across from multiple-family residential or non-residential sites.
c.   Size of Plant Material
All plant materials required by this Ordinance shall be selected from the ADWR drought tolerant/low water use plant lists and meet the following minimum sizes at the time of planting:
i.   Trees: 75% of trees must be a minimum of 15 gallon. 25% must be 24” box or larger.
ii.   Shrubs: Minimum 5 gallon or better.
d.   Mulching, Ground Covers and weed control
i.    All required shrubs and trees shall be mulched and maintained with shredded hardwood bark, cypress, or gravel mulch. Plant groupings shall be mulched in a continuous bed.
ii.   Mulch shall be applied so as to prevent or retard weed growth and be kept free of weeds.
iii.   Ground covers shall be planted together in continuous beds and spaced to achieve a substantially continuous ground cover within two (2) years of the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. The ground covers must be mulched or placed in decorative rock until substantially continuous coverage is achieved.
e.   Penalty for Noncompliance
A property owner, upon notification by the Town, shall have a period of not less than fifteen (15) days to restore, replace or repair plant material, fences or other screening found to be in violation of the Performance Standards set forth herein. If the violation is not corrected within the specified time, it will be considered a violation of this Ordinance. In the case of landscaping that performs poorly, Alternative Compliance may be utilized pursuant to Section 4.26.5. No fine shall be levied during the time that an Alternative Compliance proposal to remedy the problem situation is being reviewed by the Development Services Department .
5.   Approval of the Public Works Director is required prior to placing landscaping and other improvements in the rights-of-way.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 10-729, passed 7-22-2010)