Parking areas, required herein, shall be provided, improved and maintained in accord with the following specifications.
Parking Standards Pertaining to All Districts
No building permit shall be issued until the applicant has presented satisfactory evidence to the Zoning Administrator, or his/her designee, that he owns or has otherwise available for their use, sufficient property to provide required parking.
1.   All vehicular egress from parking lots to public right-of-way shall be by forward motion only, except in the case of single-family and two-family residences fronting on a local street or a primary or secondary collector street.
2.   New construction and conversion of a residence to a commercial use: subject to the provisions contained in this subsection B., all required parking and loading spaces, maneuvering areas, driveways, and fire lanes shall be paved with asphaltic concrete over an A.B. base, concrete or masonry to a thickness and structure that will support the type and intensity of vehicular traffic generated by the proposed use. As the requirements may vary the paving cross section will require approval by the Town Engineer. The Town Engineer may also approve alternative surfacing such as “chip seal”.
3.   Additions to existing structures: whenever an addition to an existing structure is proposed that enlarges the existing structure by fifty (50) percent or more then the above requirements in paragraph 2. above shall apply.
4.   Change of use in an existing commercial  building: the applicant shall provide a site plan indicating that the parking area is of sufficient size and adequate dimension to provide any additional parking that the new use may be required to provide in accordance with the requirements of this code. Whenever a change of use occurs the owner is encouraged to provide a dust free surface such as decomposed granite over the entire area that is dedicated to the required parking and maneuvering area and driveways.
5.   Site development: when a site is to be developed for a commercial purpose allowed by the Unified Development Ordinance that does not include a building, the primary traffic lanes and any required parking area shall be surfaced in a manner and extent that is approved by the Town Engineer.
6.   All areas of the parking lot must be at least ten (10) feet from front property lines and five (5) feet from rear and side property lines.
7.   Tandem arrangement of required parking spaces is prohibited, except for handicapped parking spaces, and as otherwise permitted by this Ordinance.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 08-707, passed 10-23-2008; Ord. 11-738, passed 1-11-2011)