4.22.3 ACCESS
An improved private access way shall be provided between a public or private street and parking areas, garages, carports and/or R.V. parking space.
Driveway spacing - No access driveway shall be located closer than one hundred (100) feet from a collector and arterial street intersection.
No access driveway shall be located closer than fifty (50) feet from a local street intersection.
Commercial and industrial driveways shall have a minimum separation of two hundred (200) feet centerline to centerline (shared driveways and cross access are encouraged).
A reduction in spacing may be granted by the Town Engineer.
Any vehicle that is not otherwise prohibited by the provisions of this Ordinance from being parked in the front yard of a single-family or two-family residence lot may be parked upon a driveway. (Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 08-707, passed 10-23-2008)