Paved and drained space shall be provided.
A.   For all uses except single-family residential uses, vehicular parking for a standard vehicle shall be in the form of a rectangle not less than ten (10) feet by twenty (20) feet, excluding driveways or aisles, with access to a public thoroughfare. Drive aisles/backup areas shall be a minimum of twenty-four (24) feet.
1.   All such spaces shall be connected with a public or private street by an improved driveway not less than twenty (20) feet in length.
2.   Off-street parking spaces for single-family detached residences may also be connected with a public street by an alley.
B.   BOAT OR RECREATION VEHICLE SPACE. Spaces shall be provided in the form of a rectangle not less than ten (10) feet by twenty-four (24) feet, or larger as may be required to accommodate the unit, subject to the screening requirements of this Ordinance, or otherwise designated through Site Plan Review or Zoning approval.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 08-707, passed 10-23-2008)