1.   Application. No building shall be erected, nor shall any existing building be altered, enlarged, moved, or rebuilt, nor shall any open space surrounding any building be encroached upon or reduced in any manner except in conformity with the yard, lot, area, and building location regulations hereinafter designated for the zone in which such building or open space is located, except as otherwise specifically provided.
2.   Yards. Except as provided herein, every part of a required yard shall be open to the sky and unobstructed. Trees, shrubbery, etc., and accessory structures as allowed in this Ordinance shall not be considered obstructions. No yard or other open space provided about any building for the purpose of complying with the provisions of these regulations shall be considered as a yard or open space for any other building; and no yard or other open space on one lot shall be considered as a yard or open space, for a building on any other lot.
3.   Projections over and into required yards.
a.   Awnings, open fire escape balconies, fire escape stairs, window-type refrigeration units, suspended or roof evaporative coolers, and similar features, may project not more than five (5) feet over any required yard, provided that they shall be no closer than ten (10) feet from any lot line.
b.   Architectural details such as canopies, cornices, and eaves may project not more than two (2) feet over any required yard, provided that they shall be no closer than ten (10) feet from any lot line.
c.   Sills, leaders, belt courses and similar ornamental features may project not more than six (6) inches over or into any required yard.
d.   Awnings and canopies which are part of the gas station pump island may project into the required front yard but no closer than ten (10) feet from the property line.
4.   Patios and steps. Unroofed terraces, patios, steps or similar features not over three (3) feet in height above grade, may project into any required yard, provided that they shall be no closer than ten (10) feet from any lot line.
5.   Accessory buildings (attached). A private automobile garage, carport or accessory building having any part of a wall in common with a dwelling shall be considered an integral part of the main building in determining yard, lot, and area requirements.
6.   Accessory buildings (detached) and swimming pools. Any detached accessory building or swimming pool in any zone shall not be located in the required front yard, shall be at least eight (8) feet from the main structure, shall be at least ten (10) feet from the rear and interior side lot lines, and shall maintain side yard setbacks from the street side lot lines as required for the main structure in that zone.
7.   Solar unit and dish antennas. Solar heating, solar cooling units, satellite dish antennas, and associated apparatus notwithstanding any other provisions of this Ordinance shall not be located in any required front yard, but may be located in a required rear or side yard provided that such apparatus does not cover more than thirty (30) percent of that side yard and shall be no closer than ten (10) feet to any lot line.
8.   Service station pumps. No automobile service station pump shall be located closer than twelve (12) feet to a street property line.
9.   Domestic liquid petroleum gas tanks shall not be placed in required front yards or street side yards.
10.   Notwithstanding other provisions of this code to the contrary, flag-shaped or panhandle lots ("flag lots") may be created by land split in any zone with a minimum required acreage of one (1) or more acres if all the following requirements are met:
a.   The lot must have at least fifty (50) feet of frontage on a dedicated public street or a private street established in a final plat; and
b.   The entire flagpole or panhandle ("flagpole") portion of the lot must be at least fifty (50) feet wide or, if a maximum of two (2) adjacent flagpoles share access, each flagpole must have at least twenty-five (25) feet of frontage, for a combined frontage of at least fifty (50) feet, and the lots sharing access must have a shared access agreement recorded and reflected on the land split's record of survey; and
c.   Except as permitted in b. above, the minimum separation between the edges of flagpoles must equal or exceed the minimum lot width for the respective zone in which the property is located; and
d.   The length of the flagpole must not exceed three hundred thirty (330) feet as measured from the right-of-way line or street chord upon which the flagpole fronts on a public street or final platted private street to the front line of the body of the lot; and
e.   The flagpole portion of a flag lot must be included in calculating the gross square footage of a lot where the flagpole is contiguous to the lot in question and is or was owned by the owner of the lot in question when the Town accepted ownership of the flagpole, or a portion thereof, pursuant to a dedication the owner made to create a public street, using all or part of the flagpole and, if applicable, other property; and
f.   Existing lots that would otherwise meet the definition of a flag lot but for the width or length of the flagpole used to access the lot must be considered non-conforming flag lots.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 07-683, passed 1-11-2007; Ord. 11-738, passed 1-11-2011; Ord. 2020-885, passed 9-8-2020; Ord. 2022-923, passed 10-11-2022; Ord. 2023-932, passed 4-25-2023)