It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person in control of property:
   (A)   To permit upon the property the growth of poison oak, poison ivy, or any noxious or toxic weeds or uncultivated plants (whether growing or otherwise), weeds, tall grass, uncultivated shrubs or growth higher than 12 inches or which otherwise present a fire hazard; or
   (B)   To permit upon the property plants or other material, which are dead, dormant or so dry as to be readily flammable or combustible on such land that may constitute a fire hazard or other threat to the public health or safety.
   (C)   For residential property less than 2 acres and property greater than 2 acres that is adjacent to any developed property, to fail to maintain the entire property, unless the property is used for grazing.
   (D)   For all vacant commercial lots, to fail to maintain the entire property. These properties are required to mow the entirety of the property. 
   (E)   Except for the sides of property that abut a residential property or a non-residential developed property, agricultural property used for grazing is exempt from the requirement to maintain the front yard setback and street side yard setbacks  for a defensible space.
(Ord. 2019-864, passed 7-23-2019)