15.12.040   Proof of Insurance.
   The applicant for an electrical contractor's license shall file with the city proof of insurance with a combined single limit of $500,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate, and $1,000,000 products/completed operations aggregate limit.  No license shall be issued until proof of insurance has been filed as required in this section.  Any person engaged in the business of electrical installation must file with the city clerk the proof of insurance herein required, and shall be approved as to form and sufficiency by the city council on conditions that he will, in good faith, perform all things required by the provisions of the applicable electrical codes, and that if any injury to any person or damage to any property results by the reason of his failure or neglect to conform with any of the provisions of the applicable electrical codes relating to the installation of electrical wiring and equipment, he shall save harmless and indemnify such person injured or the owner of such property damage.
(Ord. 523 §2, 2013: Ord. 327 §4, 1975)