15.12.030   License—Requirements .
   A.   No person shall engage in or work at the business, trade or calling of electrical contractor, journeyman electrician or master electrician in the city until he has received from the city engineer's office a license to work as an electrical contractor, journeyman electrician or master electrician.
   B.   All licenses shall be for the calendar year or fraction thereof, and shall be obtained on or before January 2nd of each year and shall expire at twelve midnight on December 31st.
   The fee for such license shall be as follows :
      1.   Twenty-five dollars for an electrical contractor's license or master electrician's license;
      2.   Ten dollars for a journeyman electrician's
   C.   No license shall be required for the installation, repair, service or maintenance of so-called major or portable appliances, providing the wiring and outlets in any building serving these appliances have been installed by a licensed electrician or contractor.
(Ord. 420 § 1, 1989; Ord. 327 § 3,  1975).