(A)   The Planning Board, hereinafter referred to as the “Board”, shall consist of 5 members.
      (1)   Four of the 5 members of the Board must be either a resident of or a property owner within the village limits and there may be no more than 1 member that may serve as an at- large member representing properties adjacent to the village limits.
         (a)   The Zoning Administrator shall not serve as a voting member of the Planning Board.
         (b)   Village Council members currently serving their terms may not simultaneously serve as a member of the Planning Board.
         (c)   If no resident or landowner is available to serve on the Board, then the Council may appoint 1 person to serve on the Board as the at-large member. There may never be more than 1 at-large member serving on the Board simultaneously.
      (2)   As the terms of existing members expire, Village Council may re-appoint or the Village Council may appoint new members for a staggered term of 3 years. Terms shall be divided as:
         (a)   Two members serve 3 years concurrent;
         (b)   Two other members shall serve different concurrent terms; and
         (c)   One member will serve a different concurrent term.
   (B)   In the event of a vacancy on the Board, the Village Council shall appoint a new member to fill the unexpired term of the vacant position.
(Ord. passed 9-21-1999; Am. Ord. passed 4-15-2003; Am. Ord. passed 12-16-2014)