The Council shall provide for the appointment of a Finance Officer, whose duties shall be to:
   (A)   Keep the books and accounts of the village;
   (B)   Receive and disburse all monies of the village as required by state law and according to the internal disbursement procedures of the village;
   (C)   Countersign, only when inappropriate for Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem to countersign or when 1 of the required individuals (Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem) are unavailable;
   (D)   Pre-audit all checks, drafts, contracts, purchase orders, or other documents obligating village funds and sign the documents when appropriate;
   (E)   Report to the Council concerning the finances of the village, as the Council may require;
   (F)   Maintain all records of the bonded debt of the village and maintain sinking funds;
   (G)   Supervise the investment of all idle funds; and
   (H)   Perform other duties assigned by the General Statutes, the Village Charter or by the Village Council.
(2002 Code, Ch. 21, § 21.04)
Statutory references:
   Duties of the Finance Officer, see G.S. § 159-25
   Fiscal Control Act, see G.S. §§ 159-7 et seq.