(A)    The governing body of the village shall consist of 5 Council members, who will at the organizational meeting after every municipal election, select from among themselves 1 Council member to serve as the Mayor and another to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem. The governing body shall be charged with the general government and administration of the affairs of the village.
   (B)   The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem shall serve at the pleasure of the majority of the Council or until replaced or re-elected at the organizational meeting of the Council following a general municipal election.
(2002 Code, Ch. 20, § 20.01)
Statutory reference:
   Council to organize municipal government, see G.S. § 160A-146
   House Bill 642; “An Act to Incorporate Chimney Rock Village in Rutherford County, North Carolina.” (Charter of Chimney Rock Village), June 28, 1991