The Village Council adopts the following chapter governing the public display and consumption of malt beverages, unfortified wines, fortified wines, spirituous liquors or mixed beverages within the municipal limits of the incorporated village:
   (A)   No person shall display or consume malt beverages, unfortified wines, fortified wines, spirituous liquors, or mixed beverages, as defined in G.S. § 18B-101, on or within the rights-of way of the public streets, alleys, or sidewalks, or on any public or private properties commonly used by the general public, such as parking lots, river banks, river, or common open areas, excepting the Chimney Rock Village Amphitheater.
   (B)   Private property being used by the owner or those provided specific permission to use private property are exempted from this chapter but are subject to all other applicable alcoholic beverage control laws within the State of North Carolina.
(2002 Code, Ch. 100, § 100.01)  (Am. Ord. 02-12, passed 9-18-2012)  Penalty, see § 110.99