The Rutherford County Building Inspector, in consultation with the Rutherford County Fire Inspector, shall investigate for conditions that are dangerous and injurious to public health, safety and welfare and identify circumstances under which a public necessity exists for the repair, closing or demolition of such structures based upon G.S. 160A to G.S. § 160A-432 and G.S. § 160A-439.  Proper posting of the property, as determined by the County Building Inspector and the County Fire Inspector, shall be given by placing a notice upon the main entrance of the structure. Notice shall be sent by the Chimney Rock Village Zoning Administrator to the owner(s) of a structure that has been so identified by certified mail at the owner's last known address, and notice of a public hearing before the Chimney Rock Village Council shall be given in the letter with an established time, date, and location not less than 10 or more than 45 days after the date of the notice, as per G.S. §§ 160A-426 to 160A-432 and G.S. § 160A-439. If the name or the whereabouts of the owner(s) cannot be located after due diligence, a notice of a hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least once, but not later than 10 days before the hearing.
(Ord. 01-12, passed 10-16-2012)