§ 171.50  Inspection
   (a)   Compliance Inspection.  There shall be an inspection of the mobile home park or travel trailer park to determine that the site fully complies with this chapter before any mobile home or travel trailer is moved on the property.
   (b)   Occupancy Inspection.  There shall be an inspection that all mobile homes or travel trailers are properly set up in compliance with this chapter before being occupied.
   (c)   Site Compliance.  The site compliance may be made by any one of the following city officials:
      (1)   Building Official.
      (2)   County Health Director.
      (3)   Fire Chief.
      (4)   Fire Marshall.
      (5)   Police Chief.
      (6)   Tax Assessor-Collector.
(Ord. 5-7-85-1, passed 5-7-85; Am. Ord. 1-99-1, passed 1-5-99)