§ 171.08  Service building and other community service facilities
   (a)   General.  The requirements of this section shall apply to service buildings, recreation buildings and other community service facilities including but not limited to the following:
      (1)   Management offices, repair shops and storage areas;
      (2)   Sanitary facilities;
      (3)   Laundry facilities;
      (4)   Indoor recreation areas; and
      (5)   Commercial uses supplying essential goods or services for the benefit and convenience of park occupants.
   (b)   Structural requirements for buildings.
      (1)   All portions of the structure shall be properly protected from damage by ordinary uses and by decay, corrosion, termites, and other destructive elements.  Exterior portions shall be of such materials and be so constructed and protected as to prevent entrance or penetration of moisture and weather.
      (2)   All structures shall be constructed in conformance with the building code.
      (3)   Barbecue pits, fireplaces, stoves and incinerators.
   (i)   Cooking shelters, barbecue pits,  fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and incinerators shall be located, constructed, maintained and used as to minimize fire hazards and smoke nuisance both on the property on which used and on neighboring property.  No open fire shall be permitted except in facilities approved by the Fire Marshal.
   (ii)   No open fire shall be left unattended.  No fuel shall be used and no material burned which emits dense smoke or objectionable odors.
(Ord. 5-7-85-1, passed 5-7-85)  Penalty, see § 10.10