§ 171.06  Water supply
   (a)   Generally.  An accessible, adequate, safe, and potable supply of water meeting state standards shall be provided in each park.  Connection shall be made to the public supply of water in accordance with the City Code of Ordinances.
   (b)   Water distribution system.
      (1)   The water supply system of the park shall be connected by pipes to all mobile home stands, buildings, and other facilities requiring water.
      (2)   All water piping, fixtures, and other equipment shall be constructed and maintained  in accordance with state and city regulations and requirements.
      (3)   The water mains shall be placed within a properly dedicated easement to allow adequate maintenance by the city.
      (4)   Individual water meters will be provided for each mobile home stand.
   (c)   Individual water riser pipes and connections.
      (1)   Individual water riser pipes shall be located within the confined area of the outside perimeter walls of the mobile home at a point where the water connection will approximate a vertical position.
      (2)   The pipe shall be at least three-quarter (3/4) inch.  The water outlet shall be capped in an  approved manner when the stand is unoccupied.
      (3)   A shutoff valve below the frost line shall be provided near each water riser pipe.
(Ord. 5-7-85-1, passed 5-7-85)  Penalty, see § 10.10