§ 171.03  Development, alteration and expansion requirements
   Any development, redevelopment, alteration or expansion of a mobile home park within the city limits of the city shall be done in compliance with the following requirements:
   (a)   Location Requirements.  A mobile home or travel trailer park shall not be located in a flood zone.
   (b)   Area Requirements.  There must be a three acre minimum area which may be developed or used for mobile home park purposes.
   (c)   Stand Requirements.  Each stand shall provided a minimum area of 5,000 square feet.  However, no such stand shall average less than 50 feet in width nor less than 100 feet in depth, except where otherwise expressly approved by the City Council.
   (d)   Mobile Home Placement Requirements.  No mobile home shall be placed upon any mobile home stand in such a way so as to be closer than 25 feet in any and all directions from another mobile home and must be at least ten feet from the property line.
   (e)   Parking Requirements.  Every mobile home stand shall have two off-street parking spaces.  Travel trailer stands shall have one.
   (f)   Age Requirements.  No mobile home or manufactured home shall be placed within the city if said mobile home or manufactured home has a date of manufacture older than 15 years prior to the date of the application for a permit under this chapter.
(Ord. 5-7-85-1, passed 5-7-85; Am. Ord. 1-99-1, passed 1-5-99; Am. Ord. 9-1999-A, passed 9-7-99)  Penalty, see § 10.10