Whenever it shall be deemed necessary by the Commission to take or acquire any lands, water rights, structures, or buildings, either in fee or as an assessment, for parks, parkways, forests, roads, streets, boulevards, highways, grounds, or spaces, the Commission may purchase the same from the owner or owners or, failing to agree with the owner or owners thereof, may condemn the same by proceedings in the circuit court for the county in which the land, water rights, structures, or buildings are located as now provided for condemnation of land by public service corporations in Md. Code, Article 33A, as amended. The Commission may, at the same time, condemn the interest of any tenant, lessee or other person having an interest in the land or other property. At any time after ten days after the return and recordation of the verdict or award in the proceeding, the Commission may enter and take possession of the property so condemned upon first paying to the Clerk of the Court the amount of the award and all costs taxed to date notwithstanding any appeal or further proceeding on the part of the defendant. However, at the time of the payment, it shall give its corporate undertaking to abide by and fulfill any judgment on appeal or further proceeding if there is an appeal.
(Prior Code, § 25-7)  (Ord. passed 3-1-1982)
Editor's note:
   Md. Code, Article 33A was repealed by Acts 1972, Ch. 349, § 1. For current provisions, consult the Md. Code, Real Property Article, § 12-101 et seq.