(A)   All meetings of the Commission shall be public. However, the Commission may, at its discretion, hold closed sessions subject to Md. Code, §§ 10-501 et.seq.
   (B)   Regular meetings generally shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Town Hall Meeting Room at 118 N. Cross Street.
   (C)   Special and/or emergency meetings may be called by the Chairman upon the appropriate notification of each Commissioner.
   (D)   The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor and Council of Chestertown. A quorum shall consist of four members of the Commission. No decision will be made in the absence of a quorum.
   (E)   The agenda for each meeting shall be established under the Chairman’s direction and available to Commissioners five days prior to the meeting date. The Chairman shall review all applications submitted prior to the regular meeting in creating the agenda and shall determine those applications that are suitable to be placed on the consent calendar. Consent calendar items are to be those items which are routinely approved and clearly meet all standards for approval.  The Chairman may also remove applications from the agenda which are incomplete, assuring that the applicants are notified of this action by the town office. The date of submittal of said applications will be reset when all missing material or items are supplied.
   (F)   Questions put to a vote shall be decided by a majority. A tie vote shall result in the defeat of the motion. Proxy voting will not be allowed.
   (G)   It shall be the duty of the Commission to keep a true and accurate record of all proceedings at all meetings and public appearances and/or hearings. This may include summary minutes or verbatim transcripts of all meetings. All meeting records shall be distributed to Commission members for their approval and shall be maintained by the town staff.
   (H)   In all matters not provided for in these regulations, the latest published edition of Roberts Rules of Order governs. Failure to use Roberts Rules of Order shall not invalidate any procedure or action taken by the Commission that is otherwise valid.
(Ord. 01-2012, passed 2-6-2012)