Section 64.  Powers of town as to sidewalks.
   The town shall have the power:
   (a)   To establish, regulate, and change from time to time the grade lines, width, [and] construction materials of any sidewalk or part thereof.
   (b)   To grade, layout, construct, reconstruct, pave, repave, repair, extend, or otherwise alter sidewalks on town property along any public way or part thereof.
   (c)   To require that the owners of any property abutting on a sidewalk keep the sidewalk clear of all ice, snow, and other obstructions.
   (d)   To require and order the owner of any property abutting on any public way in the town to perform any projects authorized by this section at the owner's expense according to reasonable plans and specifications. If, after due notice, the owner fails to comply with the order within a reasonable time, the town may do the work, and the expense shall be a lien on the property and shall be collectible in the same manner as are town taxes or by suit at law.