Section 27.  Candidates.
   (a)   Any person desiring to have his name placed upon the official ballot at the time of election for Mayor or Councilmember, shall at least thirty days prior to the election file with the Supervisors of Election, a petition setting forth his name, residence, age, the length of time he has lived in the town, the office which he seeks, and such petition shall be signed by at least twenty qualified voters, and in the case of a candidate for Councilmember, the voters signing the said petition shall reside within the limits of the ward for which he is a candidate.
   (b)   Certificate of candidacy – A certificate in the following form shall be sufficient:
   To the Supervisors of Election of Chestertown, Maryland:
   I hereby request that you print my name on the official ballot in the town election to be held __________________________ as candidate for __________________________ and I do hereby certify that my name is __________________________: I am ______ years old; I am a resident of the __________________________ ward, and have lived in the town for _________  years; I am a registered voter. I hereby certify that I am qualified to file this Petition of Candidacy, that I have met the residency requirement of 2 years if running for Mayor and 1 year if running for Councilperson with 30 days as a resident of the ward. My current legal street address is                                                                               .
Date                                Printed Name and signature                                                             
We, the undersigned, qualified electors in said town request the candidacy of                                                                                        
Printed Name
Full Street Address