Section 5.  Mayor: Duties.
   [(a)]   The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the Town and will be responsible for a sound fiscal policy. The Mayor shall be President of the Council, preside at its meetings and shall have the right to discuss and vote upon any question coming before the Council. He shall have no power to veto any measure, but every ordinance, measure or resolution passed by the Council must be signed by the Mayor and two Councilmembers, or three Councilmembers, and be recorded in the minutes before same shall become effective and enforceable.
   (b)   Special Meetings – He shall have power to call special meetings of the Council upon one day's notice whenever in his opinion the public good may require it. In times of public danger, whenever it is impossible to convene the Council, he shall have the power to authorize the appointment of officers of the peace and safety for said town, charged with the duty of obtaining the peace and order thereof.
   (c)   The Mayor, during the first quarter of each calendar year, shall report to the Council the condition of municipal affairs and make such recommendations as he deems proper for the public good and welfare of the town.
   (d)   Other powers and duties – The Mayor shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this charter or as may be required of him by the Council, not inconsistent with this charter.