The Mayor and Council, based upon facts known and ascertainable, do hereby recognize the legitimate public purpose of historic area zoning for the town. The power to regulate the preservation of sites, structures, and districts of historical, archeological, or architectural significance, together with their appurtenances and environmental settings of structures of historic and/or architectural value is a public purpose in this state, granted to the town, subject to local enactment and public hearing requirements, by Md. Code, §§ 8.01 through 8.15, as amended and in force on August 1978, and House Bill No. 421, Ch. 423 of the 1977 Laws of Maryland.
   (A)   The Mayor and Council of the town by this chapter and its provisions will regulate the construction, alteration, reconstruction, moving, and demolition of sites or structures, or sites or structures within districts and their appurtenances and environmental settings within their respective limits in the district(s) set forth in the area of the town designated by this chapter as the Historic District.
   (B)   The Mayor and Council of the town by this chapter prohibit the willful neglect in the maintenance and repair of any structure within the Historic District of the town.
(Ord. 4-83, passed 11-9-1983; Ord. 7-95, passed 2-22-1996)