(A)   A forest stand delineation shall be submitted at the initial stages of subdivision or project plan approval, before a grading permit application, or before a sediment control application is submitted for the tract being developed.
   (B)   The delineation shall be prepared by a licensed forester, licensed landscape architect, or a qualified professional who meets the requirements stated in COMAR
   (C)   The delineation shall be used during the preliminary review process to determine the most suitable and practical areas for forest conservation and shall contain the following components:
      (1)   A basic topographic map delineating intermittent and perennial streams and steep slopes over 25%;
      (2)   A soils map delineating soils with structural limitations, hydric soils, or soils with a soil K value greater than 0.35 on slopes of 15% or more;
      (3)   Forest stand maps indicating species, location, and size of trees and showing dominant and codominant forest types;
      (4)   Location of 100-year floodplains;
      (5)   Information required by the Forest Conservation Technical Manual; and
      (6)   Other information the Department determines is necessary to implement this chapter.
   (D)   If approved by the Department, a simplified delineation may be submitted for an area:
      (1)   When no forest cover is disturbed during a construction activity; and
      (2)   Designated to be under a long term protective agreement.
   (E)   The Department shall consider a simplified forest stand delineation complete if it includes:
      (1)   All requirements under division (C)(1), (C)(2), (C)(4) and (C)(5) above of this section;
      (2)   A map showing existing forest cover as verified by field inspection; and
      (3)   Other information required by this chapter.
   (F)   An approved forest stand delineation may remain in effect for a period not longer than five years.
   (G)   Time for submittal.
      (1)   Within 30-calendar days after receipt of the forest stand delineation, the Department shall notify the applicant whether the forest stand delineation is complete and correct.
      (2)   If the Department fails to notify the applicant within 30 days, the delineation shall be treated as complete and correct.
      (3)   The Department may require further information or provide for an additional 15-calendar days under extenuating circumstances.
(Ord. 92-6, passed 12-21-1992)