11-3-4: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   General: The owner or developer submitting a final plat shall submit all information required by this section in the form specified. Failure of an owner or developer to provide this information in the form required shall be sufficient grounds for the city to refuse to accept the filing of a final plat or to reject the final plat in any stage of the review and approval process.
   B.   Area Included In A Final Plat:
      1.   A final plat shall not include any area not included in an approved and then valid preliminary plan unless an exemption of the preliminary plan requirements of section 11-2-2 of this title has been approved by the city council in accordance with subsection 11-2-5F of this title.
      2.   A final plat shall not depict any public improvements or lots served by, which are to be served by, or which under this title require service by public improvements unless the public improvement engineering plans and specifications for such public improvements have been submitted, reviewed and approved.
   C.   Required Form And Content (Of Final Subdivision Plats And Supporting Documents): Final plats, certificates, and comparable material shall be submitted in the form and content as specified in chapter 6 of this title. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)