A.   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to subdivide any land within the corporate limits of the city of Chenoa or any unincorporated area within one and one-half miles (11/2) of the city's corporate limits without following the procedures, satisfying the requirements and meeting or exceeding the standards specified in this title, provided however, the provisions of this title shall not apply in the following instances:
      1.   Conveyances of a lot comprising and containing all contiguous property owned by a person, group of persons, firm or entity, as a single parcel, to some other person, group of persons, firm or entity;
      2.   To the offer, sale or conveyance of one or more lots of record;
      3.   To the sale or exchange of parcels of land between the owner of adjoining and contiguous property which meet or exceed the minimum requirements of this title and the minimum bulk requirements of the city zoning ordinance.
      4.   To conveyances made to correct descriptions in prior conveyances;
      5.   To conveyances of land relating to the dedication of land for public use or interest relating to or arising from the vacation of land impressed with a public use;
      6.   To conveyances of land the principal use of which is presently agricultural and intended to be used principally for future agricultural purposes.
The city may waive the obligation to comply with this title where units are created pursuant to the Illinois condominium property act except where "footprint" lots are created which are equal to or larger than the individual units and a fee interest is conveyed in the underlying property.
   B.   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to develop, build on, use or improve any lot without dedicating such street right of way as would have been required by this title if the lot had been subdivided from a larger parcel immediately prior to such development, construction, use or improvement. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)