In accordance with state law, any plat or part thereof may be vacated by the owner of the parcel, at any time before the sale of any lot therein, by written vacation instrument to which a copy of the plat is attached. If there are public service facilities in any street, or other public way, or easement shown on said plat, the instrument shall reserve to the city or other public entity or public utility owning such facilities the property, rights of way, and easements necessary for continuing public service by means of those facilities and for maintaining or reconstructing the same. The vacation instrument shall be approved by the city council in the same manner as plats of subdivision, and shall also be approved by the public utilities involved. In the case of platted parcels wherein any lots have been sold, the written instrument must also be signed by all the owners of the lots in said parcel. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)