A.   Procedure For Resubdivision: For any change in a recorded plat of a subdivision, if such change affects any street layout shown on such plat, or affects any area reserved thereon for public use, or affects any lot line, such change shall be reviewed by the planning commission and the city council by the same procedure, rules and regulations as for a subdivision as provided by this title.
   B.   Procedure For Subdivisions Where Future Resubdivision Is Indicated: Whenever a parcel of land is subdivided and the subdivision plat shows one or more lots containing more than one acre of land and there are indications that such lots will eventually be resubdivided into smaller lots, the city shall require that such parcel of land allow for the future opening of streets and the ultimate extension of adjacent streets. Right of way dedications providing for the future opening and extension of such streets shall be made a requirement of the plat. (Ord. 542, 11-26-2007)