A.   Use Of Public Ways:
      1.   Merchandise And Advertising: It is unlawful for any person to use any street, sidewalk or other public place as space for the display of goods or merchandise for sale, or to write or mark any signs or advertisements on any such pavements. Merchandise or other articles may be deposited on sidewalks preparatory to delivery; provided, that the usable width of the sidewalk is not thereby reduced to less than three feet (3'), and provided, that no such article shall remain on such walk for more than one-half (1/2) hour. (1964 Code §§ 94, 99)
      2.   Buildings: It is unlawful to erect or maintain any building or structure which encroaches upon any public street or property. (1964 Code § 95)
      3.   Drains: It is unlawful to obstruct any drain in any public street or alley. (1964 Code § 100)
   B.   Injury To:
      1.   New Pavement: It is unlawful to walk upon or drive any vehicle or animal upon, or injure any newly laid street or sidewalk pavement while the same is guarded by a warning sign or barricade, or to knowingly injure any soft or newly laid pavement. (1964 Code § 88)
      2.   Existing Pavements: It is unlawful to injure any sidewalk, street or alley pavement. (1964 Code § 96)
   C.   Harmful Deposits:
      1.   On Streets And Sidewalks: It is unlawful to deposit on any street or public sidewalk any material which may be harmful to the pavement thereof, or any waste material, glass or other articles which may do injury to any person, animal or property. (1964 Code §§ 97, 99)
      2.   Coal Or Other Materials: Coal or other materials may be deposited in streets preparatory to delivery or use; provided, that such deposit does not reduce the usable width of the roadway at that point to less than eighteen feet (18'); and also provided, that such material or coal, other than material to be used in actual building construction, shall not be permitted to remain on such street for more than three (3) hours. Any such material or coal shall be guarded by lights if the same remains upon any street after nightfall. (1964 Code § 98)