A.   It shall be the duty of the officers of the police department to enforce all street traffic laws of the city and all of the vehicle laws applicable to street traffic in the city;
   B.   Officers of the police department are hereby authorized to issue citations for ordinance violations, including, but not limited to, vehicle and traffic violations, to all offenders in a standard Illinois citation and complaint form, or in the form attached to ordinance 303 on file in the office of the city clerk and made a part hereof by reference thereto;
   C.   Said ordinance violation citation shall indicate to the offender the nature of the charge and city ordinance or Illinois vehicle code section, the place of the offense and the fine, and shall notify the offender that said fine may be paid at the city hall, and that a failure to pay the amount of the fine by the tenth weekday after issuance of the citation will result in the offer to pay the fine being withdrawn and court action may thereafter be initiated by the city attorney or state's attorney;
   D.   The police department shall collect all fines and remit same to the city clerk and in the event the offender does not pay the fine by the tenth weekday deadline, the matter shall be referred to the city attorney or state's attorney for prosecution;
   E.   All fines shall be in the amount designated by the city council, and in the absence of such designation shall be in the same amount as that charged for violation of the same statutes in the circuit court of McLean County, Illinois, on the date of violation, and in addition to such fine, in the event the city files an action in McLean County circuit court, there will be assessed all court costs incurred by the county and city in prosecuting the violation in circuit court. (1964 Code § 176; amd. Ord. 303, 1994)