A.   Chickens and ducks may be kept in the city of Chenoa provided the following conditions are met:
      1.   No person shall keep more than a total of six (6) chickens and/or ducks at any location or on any lot.
      2.   No roosters, guinea fowl or any unreasonably loud species of chicken shall be kept.
      3.   No person shall slaughter any chickens or ducks, except at a state or county licensed slaughtering facility.
      4.   No person shall keep chickens or ducks except in a fenced in area with a covered enclosure for protection of the animals.
      5.   No person shall keep a chicken or duck enclosure closer than twenty five feet (25') to any residential structure on an adjacent lot, unless written permission is given by the owner of such adjacent lot.
      6.   No person shall allow the accumulation of waste material from chickens or ducks as to create an offensive odor or nuisance. (Ord. 642, 10-14-2013)