A.   Pound Designated:
      1.   The chief of police may designate a facility or enclosure to be used as the municipal pound. Upon capture of any dogs pursuant to this chapter or capture of any animals pursuant to any other statute or ordinance, the police shall transfer and impound such animals therein.
      2.   Animals which are impounded in the city pound shall be kept therein until redeemed or until disposition, if unredeemed, as set forth in this chapter. (1964 Code § 403; amd. Ord. 184, 1982)
   B.   Redemption, Fees: Any owner seeking to redeem any impounded animal shall first obtain a release permit from the chief of police or his authorized representative. A release permit shall not be issued until the fine in the event an ordinance violation citation is used, the pound boarding fee, based on the number of days that the animal is boarded in the pound, and any other charges as set forth in this chapter are paid. In the event an ordinance violation citation has not been issued, then the release permit shall be issued upon payment, in addition to the other payments as set forth herein, in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first such impoundment for that animal, seventy five dollars ($75.00) for the second impoundment, and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each impoundment for such animal thereafter. (Ord. 638, 5-28-2013)
   C.   Redemption, Other Charges: If, during the period of impoundment, the animals undergo any treatment and incur any costs as required by statute, ordinance or rule of the pound, including, but not limited to, rabies shots, distemper shots and other inoculations, such charges shall be added to the total due from the owner or other claimant prior to obtaining a release permit.
   D.   Redemption Period: Animals held in the pound shall be held at least seven (7) days for redemption. At the end of the period, unredeemed animals shall be humanely dispatched, offered for adoption or otherwise disposed of by the pound as a stray animal in accordance with laws that exist or may hereafter exist concerning same.
   E.   Redemption Hours: Animals may be redeemed at the pound only during the normal office hours of the pound. (Ord. 184, 1982)