(A)   The intent of this section is to permit one-family, residential subdivisions to be planned as a comprehensive unit and to allow therefor certain modifications to the standards as outlined in the Schedule of Regulations to be made in R-1A One-Family Residential Districts when the following conditions are met:
      (1)   The lot area in all R-1A One-Family Residential Districts may be reduced to an average of 6,000 square feet per lot provided that the population density shall be no greater than if the land area to be subdivided were developed in the minimum square foot lot areas as required under R-1A Districts. In accomplishing the lot reduction, no lot width shall be reduced by more than ten feet. All calculations shall be predicated upon these One-Family Districts having the following number of dwelling units per acre (including roads): R-1A equal 4.5 dwelling units per acre.
         (a)   Lot depths may be reduced to not less than 100 feet when such lots border on land dedicated to the common use of the subdivision.
         (b)   Minimum yard setbacks as indicated in this subchapter shall be provided except where rear lot lines border on land dedicated to the common use of the subdivision, such rear yards may be reduced to 25 feet.
      (2)   For each square foot of land gained under the provision of division (A)(1) of this section, within a residential subdivision, through the reduction of lot size below the minimum requirements as outlined in the Schedule of Regulations in § 154.085, equal amounts of land shall be dedicated to the common use of the lot owners in the subdivision or to the city in the manner approved by the Planning Commission.
         (a)   The area to be dedicated for the common use of the subdivision shall in no instance be less than two acres and shall be in a location and shape approved by the Planning Commission. A parcel divided by a stream shall be considered one parcel. The land area necessary to meet the minimum requirements of this section shall not include bodies of water, swamps or land with excessive grades making it unsuitable for recreation. All land dedicated shall be so graded and developed as to have natural drainage.
         (b)   Access shall be provided to areas dedicated for the common use of the subdivision for those lots not bordering on such dedicated areas by means of streets or pedestrian access-ways.
   (B)   In approving the application of the Subdivision Open Space Plan, the Planning Commission shall consider the following objectives:
      (1)   To provide a more desirable living environment by preserving the natural character of open fields, stands of trees, brooks, hills and similar natural assets;
      (2)   To encourage developers to use a more creative approach in the development of residential areas;
      (3)   To encourage a more efficient, aesthetic and desirable use of open area while recognizing a reduction in development costs and by allowing the developer to bypass natural obstacles on the site.
      (4)   To encourage the provision of open space within reasonable distance to all lot development of the subdivision and to further encourage the development of recreational facilities.
   (C)   Under this Subdivision Open Space Plan approach, the developer or subdivider shall dedicate the total park area (see division (A)(2)) at the time of filing of the final plat on all or any portion of the plat.
   (D)   Application for approval of a Subdivision Open Space Plan shall be submitted at the time of submission of the preliminary plat as required by the Land Division Act, Public Act 288 of 1967, being M.C.L.A. §§ 560.101 to 560.293.
(`73 Code, 15.293, § 5.105)  (Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973)