(A)   Intent. The P-1 Vehicular Parking Districts are intended to permit the establishment of areas to be used solely for off-street parking of private passenger vehicles as a use incidental to a principal use. This district will generally be provided by petition of request to serve a use district which has not adequately provided for off-street parking. The following regulations shall apply in all P-1 Vehicular Parking Districts and shall be subject further to the requirements of §§ 154.100 through 154.114 , “General Requirements.” 
(`73 Code, 15.271, § 5.91)
   (B)   Uses permitted. Premises in such districts shall be used only for an off-street vehicular parking area and shall be developed and maintained subject to such regulations as are hereinafter provided. 
(`73 Code, 15.272, § 5.92)
   (C)   Limitation of use.
      (1)   The parking area shall be accessory to and for use in connection with one or more business or industrial establishments, or in connection with one or more professional or institutional office buildings and institutions.
      (2)   Parking area shall be used solely for parking of private passenger vehicles, for periods of less than one day.
      (3)   No commercial repair work or service of any kind or sale or display thereof, shall be conducted in such parking area.
      (4)   No signs of any kind, other than signs designating entrances, exits, and conditions of use, shall be maintained on such parking area.
      (5)   No building other than those for shelter of attendants shall be erected upon premises and they shall not exceed 15 feet in height.
      (6)   Such parking lots shall be contiguous to an R-M, T-1, B-1, B-2, B-3, O-1, W-M, I-1 or I-2 District, and in all cases shall be adjacent successive lots from the above mentioned use districts. There may be a private driveway or public street or public alley between the above stated districts and the P-1 District.
(`73 Code, 15.273, § 5.93)
   (D)   Entrance and exit.
      (1)   Adequate entrance and exit for vehicles to premises used as a parking area shall be provided and shall be by means of streets or alleys adjacent to or extending through R-M, B-1, T-1, B-2, B-3, O-1, W-M, I-1 or I-2 Districts, or by means of private roadways extending through such districts. All such roadways shall be surfaced in a manner at least equivalent with that which is hereinafter provided for the parking area.
      (2)   Each entrance and exit to and from such parking lot shall be at least 20 feet distant from any adjacent property located in any residential district.
(`73 Code, 15.274, § 5.94)
   (E)   Minimum distances and setbacks.
      (1)   Side yards.  Where the P-1 District is contiguous to side lot lines of premises within a residentially zoned district, the required wall shall be located on the property line.
      (2)   Front yards.  Where the P-1 District is contiguous to a residentially zoned district which has a common frontage on the same block with residential structures, or wherein no residential structures have been yet erected, there shall be a setback equal to the required residential setback for the residential district, or a minimum of 25 feet, or whichever is the greater. The required wall shall be located on this minimum setback line.
(`73 Code, 15.275, § 5.95)
   (F)   Screening and landscaping.
      (1)   The parking area shall be provided with a continuous and completely obscuring masonry wall, four feet, six inches in height measured from the surface of the parking area. This wall shall be provided on all sides where the next zoning district is designated as a residential district. Whenever such wall is required, all land between said wall and the boundaries of the P-1 District shall be kept free from refuse and debris and shall be landscaped with deciduous shrubs, evergreen material and ornamental trees, and shall conform with the requirements of §§ 154.100 through 154.114, “General Requirements.” The ground area shall be planted and kept in lawn. All such landscaping and planting shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition, neat and orderly in appearance.
      (2)   All planting plans shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval as to suitability of planting material and arrangement thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, and in accordance with §§ 154.100 through 154.114, “General Requirements,” of this chapter.
(`73 Code, 15.276, § 5.96)
   (G)   Surface of parking area. The entire parking area, including parking spaces and maneuvering lanes, required under this section, shall have asphaltic or concrete surfacing in accordance with specifications approved by the City Engineer. Such facilities shall be so drained so as to dispose of all surface water accumulated in the parking area. The parking area shall be surfaced within one year of occupancy of the use it is to serve if it is for a new use, and within six months of the effective date of rezoning for P-1 Vehicular Parking use if the parking area is to serve an existing use or uses. 
(`73 Code, 15.277, § 5.97)
   (H)   Lighting.  Where lighting facilities are provided they shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from all residential districts. 
(`73 Code, 15.278, § 5.98)
   (I)   Approval and modifications.
      (1)   The Board of Appeals, upon application by the property owner of the parking area, may modify the yard and wall requirements where, in unusual circumstances, no good purpose would be served by compliance with the requirements of this section.
      (2)   In all cases where a wall extends to an alley which is a means of ingress and egress to a parking area, it shall be permissible to end the wall not more than ten feet from such alley line in order to permit a wider means of access to the parking area.
(`73 Code, 15.279, § 5.99)  (Ord. eff. 8-1-67; Am. Ord. passed 1973)  Penalty, see § 154.999