The following provisions shall apply to all signs in the city:
   (A)   Signs over a right-of-way. Any sign which overhangs a dedicated public right-of-way shall require the approval of the governmental unit having jurisdiction over that right-of-way and shall comply with all local provisions as well.
   (B)   Sign maintenance. All signs shall be maintained in a clearly legible condition and shall be kept in good repair. Wall-mounted signs, projecting signs and nameplates shall be thoroughly secured to the building by metal anchors, bolts, supports, rods or braces. Any permanent sign which is determined structurally or electrically unsafe by the City Manager shall be removed or repaired within ten days of notification of the hazard at owner's expense. A temporary sign found by the City Manager to be in an unsafe condition must be removed by the owner within three days after notice to do so.
   (C)   Abandoned signs. Any business sign or sign structure now or hereafter existing which no longer advertises a bona fide business conducted or product sold, or an abandoned sign, shall be removed, at the expense of the property owner within 90 days after the cessation of business.
   (D)   Signs constituting a traffic hazard. No sign shall be located so as to obstruct or impair driver vision. A sign shall not obstruct the view or effectiveness of any official traffic sign, traffic signal or traffic marking. Signs which by reason of their location, shape, size or color can be confused with an official traffic sign, signal, or marking shall not be permitted.
   (E)   Illumination of signs. Illumination of signs shall be limited to the face of the sign and not supporting structures or devices such as poles, posts, etc. Exterior lighting of signs shall be shielded and directed to the signs so as not to glare or, be hazardous to traffic.
   (F)   Alterations. A sign which was erected before the adoption of these requirements shall not be rebuilt or relocated without conforming to the requirements of this chapter.
   (G)   Installation. A sign shall not be erected, constructed or maintained so as to obstruct any fire escape, window, door or other opening; or so as to prevent free passage from one part of a roof to any other part thereof. A sign shall not be attached in any form, shape or manner to a fire escape, or shall not be placed as to interfere with an opening which is required for legal ventilation.
   (H)   Permit fees. A permit shall be required for every sign structure regulated by this chapter. Every applicant, before being granted a permit hereunder shall pay the proper fee in effect at the time of application. The fee for such permit shall be as established by resolution of City Council from time to time.
   (I)   Conditions. The following conditions shall apply to all signs erected or located in the city:
      (1)   All signs shall conform to all codes and ordinances of the city and shall be approved by the City Manager, and a permit issued.
      (2)   No sign except those established and maintained by the city, county, state or federal governments, shall be located in, project into, or overhang a public right-of-way or dedicated public easement except as set forth in § 152.20.
      (3)   No sign otherwise permitted shall project above or beyond the maximum height limitation of the zoning use district in which located, except that for a planned commercial or industrial development involving five acres or more under one ownership, the Zoning Board of Appeals may modify the height limitation. The Board shall, however, respect all yards and setbacks in modifying height requirement.
      (4)   All directional signs required for the purpose of orientation, when established by the city, county, state or federal government, shall be permitted.
      (5)   Accessory signs shall be permitted in any use district.
      (6)   Non-accessory signs shall be permitted which satisfy either of the following:
         (a)   In an Industrial District.
         (b)   Which advertise a financial institution’s providing of financing for a public institution infrastructure project at the project site with total signage not exceeding 25 square feet and displayed only during the duration of the project.
      (7)   No sign in any use district, if illuminated, shall be of flashing or intermittent type.
      (8)   No sign shall be located within, project into or overhang the triangular area formed at the intersection of street right-of-way lines at a distance along each line of 25 feet from their point of intersection.
      (9)   A sign used for advertising land or buildings for rent, lease and/or for sale shall be permitted when located on land or building intended to be rented, leased and/or sold.
(Ord. passed 6-14-88; Am. Ord. eff. 7-2-07)  Penalty, see § 152.99