(A)   It shall be the duty of every person operating a taxicab or motor vehicle for hire to drive his vehicle carefully and in full compliance with all traffic laws and ordinances and regulations or orders of the City Manager, to promptly answer all court notices, traffic violation notices or police notices, and to deal honestly with the public and his employer. Upon violation of any of the provisions of this division, the City Manager may forthwith suspend the license of any offending driver and, upon investigation, may revoke the license.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person owning or operating a taxicab or motor vehicle for hire:
      (1)   To drive any such vehicle while under the influence of liquor or to drink any intoxicating liquor while transporting passengers;
      (2)   To allow any such vehicle to be used for immoral purposes or to procure or aid in procuring any woman for immoral purposes;
      (3)   To smoke, swear or act in a boisterous manner while actually carrying passengers in such vehicle;
      (4)   To charge more than the rates authorized by this chapter or which may hereafter be fixed by an amendment hereto or resolution of the Council;
      (5)   To fail, neglect or refuse to turn in to the Police Department/Department of Public Safety, within 24 hours, all lost articles found in such vehicle, taking a receipt therefor;
      (6)   To drive or park such vehicle in violation of any of the provisions of this code or of any state law;
      (7)   To use or permit the use of any portion of the public streets, alleys or other public places as a stand, except for such time as is necessary to load or unload passengers and except in such portions of the public street, alleys and other public places as shall have been designated by the Council;
      (8)   To fail to notify the Police Department/Department of Public Safety immediately after any accident, giving the time and location of the accident, the name of any person injured, the character of injuries so far as known and, in case of property damage, the estimated amount of such damage;
      (9)   To allow any person except the driver to occupy the front seat of any taxicab, except when the back seat is occupied by two or more persons;
      (10)    To solicit passengers for such vehicles upon the streets of the city, except when sitting upon the driver's seat of such vehicle and parked in a regularly established stand;
      (11)    To ask or request any person to take passage in such vehicle when waiting in an established loading point for a bus to take passage on a bus;
      (12)   To use other than dimmed driving lights while traveling or parking upon the city streets, alleys and other public places;
      (13)    To refuse or neglect when applied to and tender of fare made, when not already engaged, to convey any person to any place in the city in such vehicle, by way of the most direct and safe route; provided that no driver shall be required to take as a passenger any person under the influence of liquor, nor shall this division be considered to justify his assisting in the carrying of liquor in violation of any law or this code or the using of such vehicle for any immoral or illegal purpose;
      (14)    To fail to notify the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety of the discharge or withdrawal of a public driver from his place of employment within 12 hours after such discharge or withdrawal occurs;
      (15)    To fail to mark conspicuously, on both sides of the licensed vehicle, the name of the company or person owning such vehicle;
      (16)    To fail to have the city taxicab or motor vehicle for hire license plates affixed to the state license plates on each vehicle.
(Ord. passed 7-28-98)  Penalty, see § 110.99